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Workplace Safety – An Issue We Should All Be Aware Of

By Salena Decena 23/02/2019 Off

When you think of safety equipment and workplace safety you may think of workplaces such as factories and laboratories – the kind of environments where you’d expect to find hard hats, safety glasses and other items of vital safety equipment. What is often overlooked are the items of safety equipment and general awareness of other hazards in the workplace and this means the environments you may not expect to be fraught with danger such as an office or shop.

There is obviously the common safety equipment we’ll see in all workplaces such as fire extinguishers and first aid kits as these can both be required in an emergency. Fire extinguishers in particular can come in many different types which are able to combat particular varieties of fires from paper and wood based fires to electrical fires. Using the wrong kind of extinguisher can be at best ineffective and in some … Read More